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There are many ways in which a customer house cleaning company is often a tedious and tiring process for you, so we loved to offer the easiest way to clean our customers' homes to look new and clean like never before.
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We are a house cleaning company always strive to offer our best for the convenience of our customers:
Clean houses with everything they contain, and we will specialize one of our services here where cleaning crystal and lamps:
Take into account the lighting of the lamp or chandeliers to be cleaned before you start cleaning because dust or cobwebs usually do not appear to the eye in ordinary light.
Use a soft feather brush to get rid of suspended dust.
Remove dust, dirt and cobwebs from around the hanging lamps or chandeliers, ie from the ceiling side and from the hanging chain. Then remove dust or any tissue from the inside of the lamps, just a light touch of the brush inside the lamp will ensure that it is free from any dust dust.
Turn off the power after removing the dust to start the cleaning and polishing process. Because removing and washing the rich crystals one by one, and then replacing them is a cumbersome process, you can use a dry cotton towel (a cleaning towel), a glass cleaner (or, if desired, water or vinegar), and wipe the crystals. With a wet towel and then dried, this process is done from top to bottom so as not to stain what was cleaned.
To avoid damaging the cord and electrical connections, do not wrap the chandeliers or lamps. Instead, move around with the ladder or move according to the available space.
Cleaning the lamps with a microfiber towel by wiping each one and make sure that they are properly positioned and that they are not burned, you need to disassemble, change and installation. The lamps can be cleaned with a regular brush after all are confirmed to be intact.
As for the lampshades and lamps placed on tables or floor lamps with small pleats, they are cleaned using an old paint brush to get rid of dust from all inside the folds. Suitable for the material used in its manufacture, whether copper, wooden or Ferforge.
Buy a special brush that can be used to reach dust at any angle, and it is always best to have simple, uncomplicated lamp bases for easy cleaning.
These are some of the things that we offer as a cleaning service in a house cleaning company from the house of the upscale company, yes be with us we are you address.
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At Al-Bait Al-Raqi Company we emphasize excellence and strive to make our client in an unprecedented comfort where dealing with the best Arab company provides cleaning services House in Riyadh House cleaning company

We use the best materials in house cleaning in Riyadh where we are a house cleaning company and work where the skill and experience

Cleaning your bedroom is important because it is the only place where you can relax, dear customer.

First before you start cleaning the room, we play the songs or music you want to hear that encourage you, and then switch off the mobile phones at home so that they don't get distracted.
We open the windows of the room to enter the sun and renew the air in it, because the renewal of air in the room on a daily basis prevents high concentration of carbon dioxide in it.
Dispose of all papers and garbage in the room and put them in the trash and make sure to clean all parts of the room, including the bottom of the bed.
Separate the clean clothes from the dirty clothes in cooperation with the customer, so that we put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket and clean clothes we fold and put in the closet.
We return the things our customer uses to their proper place.
Clean the room from dust and make sure the corners are well cleaned.
Arrange the bed well and make sure there are no pillows on the floor.
Perfume the room with pleasant smells to make it smell comfortable and comfortable.
Always keep your room in order by getting everything back in place.
We always follow these steps in arranging your room, and repeat them whenever necessary in cooperation with our client, emphasize creativity and strive for absolute psychological comfort for our customers.
At Al Bait Al Raqi Company Cleaning our customers' homes in Riyadh is an example to behave
 House cleaning services in Riyadh We offer the best experience we have to make our client alone with the furniture polishing he sees it.